Cititi textul apoi raspundeti la intrebari
FAY KNOWLES and her three sons were driving in the South Australian desert when suddenly a huge,bright,glowing object followed them and lifted the car up into the air.
When they later reported this curious thing to the police,Sergeant James Fennel naturally didn t believe them.But when he inspected the car,he found it covered in thick black dust,and there was damage to the car s roof.The family insisted that the object flew over the car and suddenly lifted it into the air and then dropped it back on the road.they also say that their voices changed at the time of the incident,and they could only speak very slowly.
Police say they received other reports.A truck driver complained that a bright flying object followed him.An aircraft reported a bright light in the same part of the desert.And then the crew of a fishing trawler reported the same object flying not far from them.

read the text.find the answers to the questions.
1.How many people were in the car?
2.What followed the car?
3.What happened to the people s voices?
4.How many other reports of the UFO were there?



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1.There were 4 people in the car.
2.An UFO followed the car.
3.The people's voices were slowed down
4. There were 3 other reports of the UFO
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