Ryan Carter lives in London with his parents and his brother.
I'm helping my uncle on a market stall . I sell posters , cassettes and CDs . At the moment everyone is buying Britpop . The money is quite good . I only work on saturday and I get £20 dor the day. Part-time jobs are often very boring but I enjoy this job very much . I'm really interested in music .In my spare time I play in a band and I read a lot about the pop scene so I can help people to choose what they want . That's the bit I like best about the job.
Raspundeti la intrebari (pe engleza )
1. Where does Ryan come from?
2. What part-time job is he doing at the moment?
3. What sort of things does he do in his job ?
4. When does he work?
5. How much does he earn?
6. What does he like about the job ?
7. What does he do in his free time ?



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1.nu scrie in text de unde este Ryan
2.At the moment,Ryan is a seller on a market stall
3.He sells posters,cassets and CD's.
4.Ryan works on Saturdays.
5.He earns  $20 dor the day.
6.He likes he job because he is interested in music.
7.On his free time,he plays in a bandand read about the pop scene.
sper ca te-am putut ajuta >:D<
Da , si scrie ca locuieste in London dar oricum 1 stiam , msersinpentru restul