Am un exercitiu la Lb.Engleza care nu il inteleg ( il vreau si tradus si completat ) :
1.Write a few sentences for your English penfriend .
Write what the Romanians do when :
- they meet people for the first time ;
- they meet friends ;
- they leave frends ;
Va roooooog mult ! Cu sereozitate !!!!! Multumesc ! Thank you !



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
Ai un exercitiu in limba engleza PE CARE nul il intelegi:
1. Scrie cateva propozitii pentru prietenul englez cu care corespondezi.
Scrie ce fac romanii atunci cand:
- se intalnesc cu niste oameni pentru prima data;
- se intalnesc cu prieteni;
- se despart de prieteni.

My dear friend John,
You asked me in your letter about Romanians: what they do when they meet people, friends or when they leave.
They do the same as other people: they greet and shake hands. When we meet a person we don't know who he/she is, we say "hello" and introduce ourselves, and if the other is a boy, we usually shake hands. Some decades ago it was customary to kiss the hand of a girl or woman. Nowadays, it is not the same. We simply shake hands with girls, too.
When we meet friends we greet, shake hands, tap the friend on the shoulder asking: "how are you, old boy?"
When we leave, we usually say goodbye.