AJUTOR!!Trei dialoguri in engleza ( scurte) in care sa invit cate o persoane la un evenimente(sa fie deferite evenimentele din cele 3 dialoguri) si sa primesc : un raspuns afirmativ , unul negativ si unul care sa exprime incertitudine



 - Hi!
- Hello ! How are you?
- I'm fine , thanks. I want to ask you something.
-Ok. What>?
-Would you like to go with me at a rock concert?
-Really? I'd like to . Who will sing?
- The rock band ,Evanescence and Muse...
-Really? I will go .
-Ok. I'll wait you in this evening at 8 o'clock. I bought the tickets.
-Ok. Bye!

-How are you?
-I'm fine . What's up?
- I want to ask you if you want to go with me at a cars fair tomorrow afternoon.
-Oh... No . I'm so sorry . But tomorrow I'm really busy.
-Ok. No problem. Bye!

- Hello!
-Hello too!
-How are you? I want to ask you something.
-Ok. What>?
-Would you like to go with my at the theathre this night?
-Oh... I don't know..
-Please. I just bought 2 tickets. 
-I don't know if I can. First , I must ask my mother...
-Really? But would you like to?
-Yes. But...my mother...
- Ok.no problem. Call me later and tell what did your mum said.
Ok. Bye!
am citit pana la rock si stiu deja ca e bine :)) multumesc . btw , sper ca asculti rock . :)