Compune o scrisoare uni prieten
Multumeste-i pentru ultima scrisoare
Cere-ti scuze ca nu ai scris mai devreme si explica detaliat de ce
Da-i stiri despre tine
Mentioneaza familia si prieteni
Intreaba-l cum o mai duce
Intreaba-l despre prieteni comuni
Spune ca trebuie sa inchei scrisoarea si de ce

Trebuie pentru engleza dar e buna si in romana.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
 Dear friend , 
Thanks you for the last letter! I was very happy to hear new about you. And I'm sorry because I've not written to you , but I was very busy with  school.
Now , I want to tell you more about how I spent time in last days. Well , you know that we started the school. I had a lot of exercices to write and to prepare for my initial tests. I had too to read a book and to write many texts at romanian language. Now , I have free time , so I decided to write this letter. I'm very fine , but I'm a little tired.My family is fine too . Now they are watching TV. My friends are fine too . 
 Now , I want to ask you how are you getting on? How's going our friend , Alice? I've not seen her for months. 
  I must end this letter because is quiet late. Hope that you will write me soon!
                                                                                             with friendship , numele tau :D

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