We normally use the ’s with people, animals though it can also be used with places, organizations and companies (which suggest a group of people). It is used to show possession


. Mark's shop            (magazinul lui James)            2. John's car               (masina lui John)                  3. the sailors' boat     (barca pescarilor)                    4. the chemist's guide  (ghidul chimistului)                 5. the window of the house  (fereastra casei)             6. the firm’s new project     (noul proiect al firmei)   7. the gift of the girl who...   (darul fetei care ...)        my
EMN spell . The current Romanian spelling has the following purposes: a) indicate the absence of adventitious sounds neliterară delivery ( popular , familiar ) [ ... ] b ) (especially in journalistic style ) indicate optional omission of the first ( first ) digit in the notation of calendar years c ) appears inappropriate neologisms and foreign proper names .
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1. Mark's shop (magazinul lui James)
2. John's car (masina lui John)
3. the sailors' boat (barca pescarilor)
4. the chemist's guide (ghidul chimistului)
5. the window of the house (fereastra casei)
6. the firm’s new project (noul proiect al firmei)
7. the gift of the girl who... (darul fetei care ...)
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