Sa transformati propozitiile vorbire directa in indirecta:
pete said to nick,what did you you do at the shoemakers two days ago?
ann said i dont like these sandals.
dan said i will not put on many old gymshouse.
nadia said i wore high-heeled shoes at the party .
mum said will you go shopping tomorrow?
maria said to her friend i usually wear low-heeled shoes.
radu said to the shop assistent these shoes are not comfortble they are too tight.



Pete asked Nick about what he was doing at the shoemaker two days before.
Ann said she didn't like those sandals.
Dan said he did not want to put on his old gym hose.
Nadia said that had worn high-heels at the party.
Mum asked me if I wanted to go shopping the next day.
Maria told her friend that she usually wore low-heel shoes.
Radu told the shop assistant that the shoes were not confortable, as they were too tight.