Take this situation:
You are going to visit some friends of your parents.
You want to wear your old but comfortable T-shirt,loose jeans and a pair of oversized Adidas.
You mother tells you to change and drees smartly.
How would you handle a situation like this:refuse to change ,stay home instead, throw a tantrum,obey mum,or.....what.

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I would refuse to change.I understand it's important for my mother and that I should look good but I don't think I should overexagerate.
nu am postat-o sper sa ma poti ajuta
Pai pot ca eu nu fac asta pt puncte
ok eu tocmai am terminat de scris si am postato ca oricum trebuie sa primesti si tu cateva puncte deoarece si tu pierzi timpul cauta intrebarea la mine si sunt 5 propozitii de tradus