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- Hi Andy! What are you doing here at the restaurant?
 - Hello! Very well, I wait for Gabriela. 
- Can I stay here with you? 
- Of course! 
- And what about to order something? I'm buying! 
- Okay. Excuse me, waiter! Can we order? 
- Of course! What do you want? 
- I want some fries and for Andy, a salad.
 - Once you get the order. 
- Thank you! 
After 15 minutes: 
- Here's your order! 
- Oh, thank you! 
- Hi Andy! 
- Oh! Gabriela, hi! 
- Sorry for the delay but I must to fed the cat! 
- Oh, did nothing! 
- Okay. Did I miss something? 
- Oh, no! 
- Ok!

Sper ca te-am ajutat ! :D
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