Pu the verbs in brackets in either the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous

1)Richard Branson,owner of Virgin Atlantic,_________(fly) balloons for many years.He still flies them today.

2)I know he ________(make) a transatlantic flight,but I'm not sure when.

3)_____you ever____(see) a hot-air balloon?

4)Scientists _____(work)on a new plane but the work is not finished yet.

5)John Glenn _________(orbit) the Earth many times in is life.

6)Mir,the space station,________(orbit) the Earth non-stop since 1986.

7)Captain Lewis is a very experienced Concorde pilot.He ______(fly) the supersonic plane for ten years.

8)They ________(build) a new terminal in the city so more airlines can use the airport now.



1.has flown
2. had made
3. have you ever seen
4.have worked
5.had orbited
6.has orbited
7.had flown
8.had built
5. has orbited
6. has been orbiting
7. has been flying
8. have built
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