Ma ajuati si pe mne la ex acesta va rog frumoss? ^.^ Multumesc!
Liz wrote in her diary how she celebrated Holloween.
Mike,Tony and Jane bought a pumpkin and came to my house at 6.30 p.m. Mike took out ... of the ... and out ...... He put ... and ... the pumpkin ... Then we began to ... for ... I dresesed up ... Mike and Tony ... and Jane ... She looked ... We went up and down ... Quite late at night ... it was ...

ce trebuie sa faci? ai cuvinte cu care trebuie sa completezi?
problema e ca nu am cuvinte k care trebe` sa completez :S
deci, pui cam ce vrei tu... e un fel de compunere?
oarecum da


Mike took out the seeds of the pumpkin and the pulp. He put a candle in and he put the pumpkin out. Then we began to prepare for the scour (nu sunt sigura). I dressed up as a vampire( sau ce vrei tu). Mike and Tony were zombies and Jane was dressed like a princess. She looked gorgeous. We went up and down the roads. Quite late at night we finished and it was amazing.