Giraffe is a wild animal . It is a long neck type of animal , and very high . It is gentle with people and not carnivorous but herbivores. I like because it is a fun and animal eyes have to look very high. The giraffe is my favorite animal .
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The giraffe is the tallest of all animals. Males may be 4.8 to 5.5 m in height and a weight of 900 kg. Her name comes from Arabic and means the highest of all. 
Originally from Africa, the giraffe is related families: Cervidae and Bovidae, but belongs to another family, Giraffidae, which includes only the giraffe and its closest relative the okapi 
In 2012, the number of giraffes was estimated at 80,000, half from 1988 [1]. 
Giraffes are famous because of their extremely long neck (which allows them to reach the highest leaves and tender of trees) and the front legs are longer and larger than the posterior. Neck bone structure is different from that of other mammalian vertebrates having no addition, but each of the seven long bone is. In addition has small horns covered with skin (ossicoarne). 
There are many specific changes in the structure of the giraffe, which have evolved unique compared to other mammals, especially the circulatory system. Giraffe heart must pump blood pressure almost double that of many other large mammals in order to maintain normal blood flow. At the top of the giraffe's neck, there is a complex system of regulation that prevents excessive blood pressure when the giraffe lowers its head to drink. 
Blood vessels in the lower leg are subject to very high pressures. Giraffe has a thick skin and tight ends lower leg, which maintains high extravascular pressure, depending on the costume resembling that of a supersonic airplane pilot. 
Most of the sounds they emit giraffe with its enormous lungs can not be heard by the human ear as giraffes communicate with each other using infrasound. 
Language gray, very long (about 41 cm) allows to clean ears. It has two horns and a bony crest due to excessive development of frontal and nasal bones. The mouth is different from that of other ruminants, that the upper lip is cut camel has a sharper shape. It has a system that allows it to open and close the nostrils voluntarily protecting them from dust. 
The fur is yellow with black spots darker or lighter stains on the neck or legs are smaller. 
Giraffes live in groups of 20 to 30 copies, from youth to old age seeks solitude.
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