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 Over three hours late.                                                                                                  Lynn:So,Nicola how was your journey?                                                                        Nicola:It was pretty bad but it could have been worse.                                                   Tom:Here's your coffee,Mrs Tremayne.                                                                         Lynn:Thanks,Tom.Nicola, this is Tom.He's at Newquay High School.He's got a summer job at the hotel,too.He started a week ago.                                                                   Tom:Hi!What time did you arrive?                                                                                 Nicola:About two hours ago.                                                                                        Lynn:Oh,look,there's Louise!She's staying here with her parents.I think she's a bit Ionely.                                                                                                                       Tom: I must serve coffee to the other guests. See you later,Nicola.                                 Nicola:OK.Bye,Tom! Nice to meet you.                                                                         Lynn:Louise!Come and meet my niece,Nicola.Aceasta este lectia.
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