These are habits wedding day should be observed , noting that they may differ from one area to another ( in Transylvania and Maramures , for example , couples have two pairs of godparents , unlike the rest of the country where the call to one pair of godparents ) . It starts with his proposal for the groom should go in the future its petit -laws , before asking the hand of his beloved . If you have their consent , carefully choose the engagement ring and then asks to marry the chosen one .   Once accepted his proposal , the young groom must decide who will choose godparents, ie spiritual parents . The role of godparents time began to be minimized , but according to tradition , the nose (or nose mare` ' as it is called ) is really the central character of the wedding , not young newlyweds . The nose is followed in importance in the wedding dress, so paradoxically bride is the second figure in the wedding. Then just follow the groom , nasa , bridesmaids and groomsmen , parents and other wedding guests . Choosing godparents therefore is of paramount importance both for development and for the future of young wedding couple.   According to tradition and customs , duties of godparents are incurring material expenses veil and headpiece the bride , candles and religious service . They have a duty to guide the young newlyweds on their way along in life. Young bride and groom , the priest says , need to respect entirely the godparents , just as respect their own parents.   After you have decided who they want as godparents, young newlyweds have to make them a visit to kowtow in arms. Kowtow can be accepted or rejected by godparents, equaling receipt of proposal acceptance nasi young grooms . After receiving the kowtow , sponsors must honor honor that were done to open up a bottle of the best wine (or champagne, rather today ) .   Wedding day , if you were to observe Romanian traditions ( and not those borrowed from other places where the groom and the rest of the wedding guests await the bride directly into the church , and it comes only accompanied by his father ) should be the wedding procession started by groom groomsmen .   They take with them fiddlers and go home, where the groom will take care of shaving groom lad sign of transformation in man . After being shaved , the groom and his parents , along with groomsmen and follow the procession to the house musicians start with godparents .
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in the past, weddings were carried by patterns established. Traditions were sacred , especially in rural areas , where the customs strictly observed . It is interesting however to know how weddings were held and were traditions . So now you understand habits .The petit groom walking accompanied by parents.Young people from the bride and groom did tree .Mass of Sunday wedding or High Mass was held usually at the groom's house , but if there was not enough space longer made and the bride.
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