1.  I will try harder to achieve my goals.       2.  If you don’t start working harder, you will have to repeat the course next year.       3.  This girl looks very much like Victoria . She will be her sister.       4.  I think she will be able to go and see the movie tonight .       5.  I will do that for you if you like.       6.  Will you help me with my homework?       7.  I will call you first thing in the morning.       8.  Our swim team will win the championship!       9.  Will you lend me some money?

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daca vrei dami niste propozitii mai scurte
sunt scurte :))
mai scurte daca poti te rog am o tema la engleza si nu ma pricep
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ionut merge la bunica lui

Ionut is going to his grandma
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