Every woman deserves a good husband.
After 10 years, a woman has found his son.
My grandfather gave me two apples.
Dad comes home late from work.
Big brother went to France.
Every man deserves a good wife.
My sister loves me.

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My husband propose when we were both still in college. Elizabeth's son is terribly sweet, he always asks how my day has been. Dan's grandfather died last week and the poor fellow is awfully sad. My father wants me to go to Harvard, just like he did. Louise's brother was very rude when I visited them last week. His wife had their baby this Saturday, an it's a baby boy. Your sister asked me to tell you to call her this afternoon, at five o'clock. My daughter had her sixteenth birthday yesterday. I believe his mother moved to Australia not too long ago. Their grandmother wrote a book about her life story, you should totally read it. I had an awful fight with my parents this morning before I left for work. Are your grandparents British, Mark? The young child injured his leg really bad. Being a teenager isn't as easy as everybody makes it out to be. Is your aunt feeling any better today, Stephanie? The infant has been crying for ten minutes straight.