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You have been invited to write a short story for an international magazine for young people. The story must end with the words: "He knew he could never

tell anyone, because they would never believe him."

Dati-mi, va rog, macar niste idei in romana...


My friend Mike is a person you don't see everyday, but it's not because of him, its because of his story. Many years he kept the secret only in his mind and never shared it with anyone until I met him. We became friends and because he trusted me, Mike told me his secret. It was a blurry night, he decided to go home alone after school. He told me everything suddenly became black, and he couldn't see anything. He was trembling and very scared, but then he looked on the sky and saw an UFO like the ones you see on the TV. He didn't know what to do. Then a light striked the ground and he walked in. In the inside of the spaceship there were some strange aliens, and they didn't seem very friendly. They took Mike and put him on a table, and put a strange thing on his face. All he remembers he woke up in his bed, like nothing happened. He knew he could never tell anyone because they would never belive him.
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