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Landscape of great beauty is like a painting in white. Nature is lost in the cold white snow. The way it is filled with endless white landscape raises the beholder this fear and anxiety. 
Heaven is silent and gloomy. Round and pale sun struggled to break through the thick clouds and white. Small flakes of sky and snow while continually roll to land already covered by a bright white robe. The flakes fall like a scary character would continually sift through a sieve huge snow. The wind blows out of the reins without stopping blizzard snow left and right. Snow drifts can be seen here and there, and people traveled paths are fully covered by white ocean. 
In the distance are seen villages buried under mountains of snow. The only sign of life in the wilderness of snow, which brings to mind the warmth of hearth is thick smoke coming out of the chimneys of the houses. The yard, people, animals and fowls are hidden in places away from reaching frosty winter. Not a soul on the streets is not observed sleeping villages
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