Make questions whit the words in barckets :

a. He is a theacher. (they)

Are they teachers?

b .They are in Spain.(I)

c. We are at home. ( Dan)

d. The plane is late . ( the car)

e. Fiona is blonde . ( Anna)

f. Jack is so happy . ( Mark)

g. My teacher is yound . ( Tom)

h. Lara and Felicia are stundents . ( we)

Nu prea am inteles puteti sa-mi si explicati ? :D



B. Am I in Spain?
c. Is Dan at home?
d. Is the car late?
e. Is Anna blonde?
f. Is Mark happy?
g. Is Tom young?
h. Are we students?
In exemplu e o afirmatie si tu trebuie sa o faci intrebare. Doar ca ai de scimbat subiectul cu cel din paranteza.