The numbered verbs in this interview are incorrect.For each one,decide which form is better.
Example:(1) I'll wrong.It should be I have...

Do you do any classes in the evenings or at weekends?What classes do you do and what time are they?
"Yes.I(1) 'll have guitar lessons on Mondays at 7.30.I(2) 'll do karate on Saturday mornings.The class(3) is starting at 8.30 in the morning.As soon as(4) 'll get up,I have to go-usually without any breakfast!"
Have you made any plans or arrangements for this weekend?
"Yes,I've arranged to see my best friend on Saturday.We(5) meet at2 o'clock and then we(6) go to the cinema.After that I'm not sure,we(7) probably go for something to eat."
Have you decided what to do for your next holiday?
"No.I haven't thought about it yet ... umm ... I think I(8) 'm getting some information about different places.Perhaps I(9) go to my local travel agent later or maybe I(10) 'm going to look on the Internet."
How do you think your life will be different in five years' time?
"I don't know what job I(11) have then.I think I(12) 'm living in the same city and I(13) 'm definitely still playing football!"



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2.; I do karate .
3. starts 
4. get up
5. will meet 
6. will go
7. will
8. get
9. 'll go 
10. i'll go
11. will have
12.i'll live 
13. will play 
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