Write someone a letter about your arrangements for next week.Use the letter 1 as a mode
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Dear,Maisie and Tom.
Well,it's all arranged.We're spending Christmas with you and then we're going to Toronto to see Gary and Holly on 27 december.We're staying with them for three days,then we're returning home on 31

December....va rog muuult ...trebuiesa folosesc acelasi timp ca din scrisoare


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Dear Anna, 
 I'm writting this letter because I want to tell you about my arrangements for next week. 
 I'll go shopping on Monday and Tuesday , and then I'll invite my friend , Alice , to help me with the Christmas Tree and the others...On Friday , I'll cook some Christmas preparates , and my friend , Sarah, who's cooker , will help me. On 25th December I hope that you will be at my house , to party with our friends , in a beautiful way... Christams is coming!
                                                                                           With love, 
                                                                                                      numele tau