Family member.
a)What do these words mean ?
1. A cousin is the son or doughter of an aunt or uncle.
1 cosuin , 2 nephew , 3 stepfather , 4 stepbrother , 5 twin sister , 6 mother-in-law , 7 an only child ,8 foster parents , 9 in-laws.
b)List all the other family words that you know.
vc) How are the people below related.
Cine are cartea de engleza clasa a8-a 'SNAPSHOT'' PAGINA 10 EX 7(mEMORI BANK).



Si tie ti-a dat tema asta ? :)  a)Nephew it's the son of an uncle's brother. Stepfather it's the new husband of your mother. Stepbrother it's the son of a stepfather. Twin sister it's an identical sister. Mother-in-law it's the mother of a wife or husband.  An only child it's the unic child of two parents.  Foster parents are two people that adopt a child.  In-laws are the parents of a husband or wife.                                                                           b)sister , uncle , brother , son , daughter , dad , grandmother, grandfather, granchild , children , parent , mom                                                                                              Scz pe c) nu-l stiu