Match each sentence in the list (1-6) above with the most appropriate sentence (A-F) below.
A.We don't have to use only oil and coal.
B.Eco-tourism is becoming more popular.
C.Don't throw away glass bottles,cans or paper.
D.We need plants to improve the air quality.
E.This would reduce the amount of fumes produced by cars.
F.Sprays like these were damaging the ozone layer.

1.People should use bicycles and public transport more.
2.Most aerosol cans don't contain CFC gases now.
3.Wind power and solar power are clean ways of creating energy.
4.Working holidays are helping to improve the environment.
5.In some cities,there are recycling banks.
6.Planting trees and flowers in your garden is a dood way to help.



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