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I really have no idea what happened.I was just walking in the woods and then it's all a black-out.I felt a strange sensation on my neck. It was bleeding. I think I was attacked by something.Maybe an animal. Wait , now I remember , it wasn't an animal it was ...vampire.I was bitten by a vampire. What's going to happend to me now ? Studently , a strange noise intrerrupted all my toughts. It was someone else here. It was a young girl , just like me. Well , I don't think I can call myself a young girl right now.She walked to me and said: - Sorry, I'm kinda lost , can you help me get out of here ?                               -Sure, I replied with a fake smile.                                                                                 This was just awful. All I wanted was to bite her.I was starving. But I couldn't do that. She was just a girl , and I'm not like that , I'm a good person and I'm gonna stay like that...But still I wanted to do it. Really , really bad.                                                       -Are you okay ? she asked me.                                                                                  -Yes , I'm fine , I lied.                                                                                                Then I looked at the sky. The moon started rising. It was beautiful.Before I notice it we were allready at the end of the woods.                                                                         -Well , thank you. I wish I could do something for you.                                                   I smiled evil at the girl.                                                                                                - Oh , trust me . You can.                                  And I bite her. I think I drinked all her blood because I killed her. Oh , my god ! I killed her! How could I be so stupid ? I'm a vampire now.I can never be good person again. That part of me , that human part of me was...gone.Gone forever-                                                                                              
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