alcatuiti propozitii cu: believe,belong,contain,cost,depend,expect,feel,forget,hate,have(=possess),hear,hope,imagine,know,like,look,love,matter,mean,need,notice,own,prefer,realise,remember,see,seem,smell,suppose,taste,think(=believe),understand,want,wish



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I belive in you. This cost very much. I feel strange. I forget to do my homework. You hate me. I hear something strange. I imagine how it look like. I know him. I like her. Look he is very tall. I love you. I need something very fast. I prefer this look. I remember something. I see you yesterday. I think the answer is 5. I don't understand you. I want this puppy. I wish this it will be mine. Sper ca team ajutat dar nu cu toate cuvintele pup!!!
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