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   My teacher is a hero because she teaches me a lot.She is supportive and very sincere.She is very nice and fun to be with.Sometimes she is like my mom because she is someone who can understand me.She is like a star in the night guiding my way not to be lost and became a better person.She always teaches us a good moral lesson.Like a hero,my teacher always helps me whenever i have problems in our subject especially in Math and she will sincerely help me with no doubt.A hero is someone who helps people.Even though I'm in high school now,she will still noticed me and invited me with my friend in their house to eat because for me a hero is someone who doesn't change.I really like my teacher.For me,she is the best teacher that I ever had.When we're acting for the role,when I was elementary and I was too shy that time.She hugged and comforted me and she said that you can do it.For me, she is the only teacher who hugged me just to help me relax. And even though I said I can't and I don't have any experience regarding that contest but still she always encouraged me. That is the best thing that my teacher has.She pulls her students up and helps them rise whenever they are down.
admire her for that. I know that being a teacher is really hard because you will always meet people with different faces and attitudes that can really make you tired. Though that is her case, she always give her leisure time to us just to have conversation and tell some stories with her on many things. She is really a positive person.
She is so friendly not only with me but to other's also. She always smile and laugh whenever we have jokes to tell. She may not be like those superheroes on television who have super powers,but for me she is not only a superhero but a friend that can be trusted. She will always be my superhero and she will always be the best teacher in the world no matter what.
All teachers can be a hero if they have determination,patience,courage and dedication to work that can really inspire students. A hero is not only famous and seen on television because you can be a hero on your simple way.
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A hero to me is someone who you look up to, someone that you can model yourself after. Someone who sets an example for you and someone with a good set of morals and values. My mom is this person to me. She has always been there for me, always tried to provide the best for me even in hard times. My mom as shown me right from wrong and has provided me with everything I need to succeed. She is the strongest person that I know and exhibits all the qualities of a leader and a hero. She is my role model and she has always been there for me.
Although many people have role models and idolize those that are famous I try and model myself after that of my mother. This is because she has never done wrong in my eyes. She has always made the decisions that put others first and the ones that ensure the safety and best interest of her family. That to me means that she is a very caring person. She has provided for me and my brother, as a single parent, all of the things that we have needed. There have been many other people in her situation who have quit and given up. But my mom has fought hard for our family and for me. With virtually no help from anyone else my mom has raised my brother and me. This has been a very taxing task for her and looking back upon it I am very thankful that she has always been there for me.
In addition to my mom always being there for me she has also inspired me. She has been setting examples for me to follow since I was little. She has been there to set rules for me and guide me. She as been there to catch me when I fall and to help me get back up when I need it. She has done all of this without asking for anything in return. She has done it all out of the good of her heart. I have never heard her complaining about getting me from baseball practice or getting my brother from soccer. She did it because she wanted the best for my brother and me. No one else in my life has helped me as much as she has. 
She is my hero because she has made me into who I am today. Without my mom I would not have had any of the values that she has instilled in me over the years. I would not know the virtues of good will and family. I will never be able to repay my mother for the things that she has given to me and the things that she has done for me. I can only one day hope to be this big of a hero for my own children. 
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