Uite o istorie mică despre castelul bran 
Bran Castle One of the most imposing monuments of Romania is Bran-Rucăr. The Bran Castle is approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Brasov, on the road that goes through the old neighborhood Bartholomew and linking Brasov to Campulung first capital of the Romanian Country, where mountains meet the Bucegi National Park. 
Built on a rock, Bran Castle now houses the museum, museum covers four floors of. And although foreign tourists annually come looking Dracula legend and user side emphasizes its mythical history
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His Majesty King Michael I of Romania was born on October 25, 1921 , at Sinaia. It is the legitimate son of King Carol II and Queen - mother Elena . The first rule of HM King Michael I started in 1927 after the death of his grandfather, King Ferdinand I. King - the child was under the guardianship of a regency headed by his uncle , Prince Nicholas of Romania . After coming to the throne of King Charles II, in June 1930 after leaving Queen - mother in exile , Michael was left in the care of his father , becoming increasingly spent more and more self thinker . Michael received a second title of Grand Prince of Alba - Iulia.Following the abdication of his father, on 6 September 1940, a reverted Michael I. In war time , the King takes care comfort the Roman soldiers fought in the price of the country's reunification , the recovery of Bessarabia occupied by the Soviets . No one was, however , agreed with line exceeding Dniester and advancing Romanian Army inside the USSR , along with armies of Nazi Germany. Despite the refusal of Marshal Antonescu , August 23, 1944 King decided to shift its traditional allies Romania camp . This brave a short war with 6 Months and a Hundred spared the lives of thousands of people .Since 1944 , His Majesty King opposed with all his might instilling communist authorities ( royal strike was the culmination of these attempts ) . Eventually , he was forced to abdicate on 30 December 1947, under the threat of murder , in case of refusal, the 1,000 young communist prisoners . Abdication Act signed under threat , is illegal and void . Moreover, the act has never been sanctioned by Parliament.Exile HM King Mihai and Queen Ana began with the return from the wedding in Athens. They lived by the end of 1948 , the Villa Sparta , Queen Mother Elena home . Since 1949 , King Michael and Queen Anne moved to Lausanne and then in England, where they lived until 1956 . To earn a living , the King and Queen had built a chicken farm and a small carpentry workshop . Royal Family returned to Switzerland in 1956 , King Michael signed a contract with the airline " Lear Jeats and Co. " Geneva . The family moved to Versoix , a small town on the shores of Lake Léman , a few kilometers from Geneva. Lived here over forty -five years .In 1958 , King has stopped working with " Lear " and a year later founded an electronics company and automatic mechanisms , called METRAVEL , which sold it five years later. From his office at Versoix and, since 2001, one in Bucharest , Michael has championed the interests of Romania to join NATO and the European Union. His Majesty has encouraged human rights, market economy development , preservation of national culture , respect for historical truth , respect and guarantee private property , strengthening the rule of law and democracy in our country. MS King Michael and Queen Anne living in 2004 at Aubonne , Switzerland . The major Christian holidays and depending on their public commitments , Their Majesties choose to be with your loved ones at Castle Savarsin be either at the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest.