Fill in with Present Simple or Continuous .
No , I ... (see) the dentist about my toothache .
I ... (think) about going on a picnic this afternoon.
I wouldn't bother . I ... (think) it's going to rain.
Is John feeling OK ? He ... (look) very red in the face.
Yes, I know. I ... (look) for the doctor's telephone number now.
How...(you/like) your stay in Budapest ?
I am really enjoying myself. I particularly ... (like) the hungarian food.
Why ...(you/taste) the stew ?
I think you need to add some spices ; it ...(taste) a bit bland .
Why ...(you feel) the radiator , Dad ?
I don't think it's working ; it ...(feel) very cold in here.
Tom... (be) usually a very quiet boy
Yes , but he ... (be) very noisy today.
...(you/have) a car ?
Yes , but I ...(have) some problems with it , so it's at the garage.
Why ...(you/smell) the roses ?
They always ...(smell) so wonderful at this time of year.



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A) will see
b)am thinking
e)am looking
f)do you like
h)do you taste
j)are you feeling
m)is being
n)Do you have
o)am having
p)do you smell
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