As vrea sa ma ajutati si pe mine cu o scrisoare informala. Cerinta este :

You have recently decided to go on a trip to Sinaia. Your penfriend wants to come as well , but he/she wants more details. Using the following informations write a letter to your penfriend, giving the following details : 7 a.m train station, bring your ID card, pocket money and snaks, back by 11 p.m phone Mr. Ionescu to book a room.

Your name is Alexandra and your penfriend is Paul/ Paula. (100 words)



Hi Paula ! How are you doing ? I just wanted to tell you about our trip to Sinaia.It's a very beautiful place with a lot of fun things to do . If you want to go you will need to be in the the train station at 7 a.m and bring with you your ID card.You'll also need a pocket with money in case we will have to buy anything and snacks if we get hungry. We'll be back  by 11 p.m. Don't forgen to call Mr. Ionescu to book a room. This trip will be awesome! I can't wait for it !                                                                                                                                  With love , your friend Alexandra.
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