Am facut la Engleza ,, If Clauses" si sunt 3 cazuri si pentru fiecare caz sa dau cate 3 exemple.

3. Past Conditional in principala si Past Perfect in conditionala
Pentru propozitia conditionala tip 1 : I will come if I have tine
time *
Pt prop cond 2 : I would come if I had time
Iar pentru prop cond 3 . If the weather had been better , I would have left on Monday


1. Maria cryes if you take hel doll. - Maria plange daca ii iei papusa

2. if my mom buys me these books means that i was a good girl last week. - daca mama imi cumpara aceste carti inseamna ca am fost cuminte week-end-ul trecut

3.When I had a day off from work, I often went to the beach. - Cand am avut o zi libera la servici de obicei am mers la plaja.

It's not like that. There are three types of Conditionals and there also are exceptions from the rules. But let's stick to the first rules: 1. Conditional Clause Type 1. - truth, validity: Main Clause - Future Tense / Conditional Cl. -Present Tense: "I will go out if you join me". 2. Conditional Cl. Type II: possible, desirable actions: Main Clause - Future in the Past / Conditional Cl. - Past Tense: "They would go shopping if they had money." 3. Conditional Cl. Type III: unreal, impossible actions: Main Cl - Future Perfect / Conditional Cl- Past Perfect: "John wouldn't have lied to you unless (=if not) she had believed him from the very beginning."
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