Daca ma puteti ajuta cu cateva propozitii la Engleza!

3 propozitii cu fiecare
Prezent simplu, prezent continu, prezent perfect, prezent perfect continu
Prezent trecut simplu, prezent trecut continu , prezent trecut perfect ,prezent viitor simplu

Chiar am nevoie sper sa ma ajute cineva



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I go to school every day. You are still doing your mework. I haven't seen her for three days. You have been singing all night. You moved back to London. While you were learning,I went in the park. I had been finishing all my errands. They had never told me the truth.
go to school every day.
Merg la scoala in fiecare zi. She is cutting the cake in slices. (Ea taie prajitura felii.)