Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.
I _____ (see) Jack at nine o'clock.
I_______(see) you're feeling better.
The people next door ___________(have) a party.
Graham ______(have) a new computer.
This dress ___________ (not/fit) me any more.
Your perfume ______ (smell) nice.
She ______ (smell) the flowers in the garden.
What _____ (you/look) at?
You____(look) very pretty today.
I______ (think) we're being followed.
No,I_____(just/think) about the party tonight.
This fabric _____ (feel) like silk.
I______(feel) the radiator to see if it's getting warm.
She _____ (be) generous.
He_______(be) very quiet today.
Yes,please I _____ (love) cherries.
I know, buy they ______ (have) fun.
This cake _____ (taste) good.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. see
2. am seeing
3. are having
4. has
5. is not fitting 
6. smells
7. do you look 
8. are looking
9. think
10. am just thinking
11. is feeling
12. feel
13. is
14. is being
15. love
16. are having
17. are tasting

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