Rephrase the sentence to express purpose,using the word given in the brackets:
1)I'm going to the music shop.I want to buy that new CD.(to)
2)He drives carefully.He doesn't want to have an accident.(so as to)
3)She studies very hard.She needs to improve her English quickly.(in order to)
4)You should use sun cream.You shouldn't get sunburnt.(in order that)
5)I'm going to bed early.I don't want to be tired tomorrow.(so that)
6)I'm doing a computer course.I can learn how to use computers better .(to)
7)I wrote down his phone number.I didn't want to forget it.(in order to)
8)She plays tennis every morning.She likes to keep fit.(so as to).




1.I'm going to the music shop to buy that new CD.
2.He drives carefully so as not to have an accident.
3.She studies very hard in order to improve her English quickly.
4.You should use sun cream in order not to get sunburnt.
5.I'm going to bed early so that i won't be too tired tomorrow.
6.I'm doing a computer course to learn how to use computers better.
7.I wrote down his phone number in order not to forget it.
8.She plays tennis every morning so as to keep fit.