Dear diaries..... I was sitting in a June evening in my room and I was very bored.Not knowing what to do and not at all tired, I got the idea to do a journal of mine and he begin to write on all the happy moments even sad in my life.I got some paper, a cover, and I started to cart.The cover I colored it in warm colors, and soon my journal was ready.I started to write him at lamplight trip about which I did together with the school, about the places you've visited, about the short boat ride on the Danube, about family and my teammates.I listen to him all the stories and adventures that you traisem to give life.That evening, the Journal became my very good friend because in the most important and exciting moments that I lived, I was close to him and understood me, leaving me to leave me on the pages of any pain or joy which my life-a book.Now although they are slightly higher, take the log and browse every page I lasasem along the most beautiful memories on ...
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