I eat everyday.
I do my homework.
My friend leaves at 7 PM.
My mom yells at me.
The bus is coming tonight.
I run with my friend every morning.
I read a book.


I don't drink soda everyday.
My plane doesn't leave at 2 PM.
I don't read many books.

Ai înţeles tu ideea.... adaugi negativul ( don't, doesn't, is not etc. ).


Where are you going? - At school.
What are you doing? - I'm eating.
How are you feeling? - Pretty good.
What's you plans for today? - I was thinking about going at the mall.
Why do you wear this t-shirt? - Because I like it.
When is your father coming home? - In about two weeks.
Does your mom know what are you doing right now? - Yes, she does.
Where did you get that? - From the library.
Are you about to cry? - No, my eye just itches.

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