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my famili constits (din cite persoane este alcatuita familia ta ) I like to spend time with my famlily , my family is the best  , the one that gets me difficult moments . Isay for better or for worse and we like to do picnics , we help one another muttually poti sa scrii mai multe ce le place familii tale ;)
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                                             My Family
 My family is very fun!My dad taught me things when looking at a movie or something on TV history tells me to watch myself because it will teach you in school and if I do not forget, I will not know.Mother works very much in the garden.She has some solar garden special.
Mom and dad work to raise me me and my sister.My sister is in college and works at a clothing store.Whenever my sister comes home, I bring a slice of pizza and something sweet.I love my sister and my parents.
My family is great!I will try to reward them for their hard work for me and my sister with good grades.I love spending time with my family!