1. I am writing at English right now.
2. She is reading a poem now.
3. We are eating fruits.
4. He is going to school in this moment.
5. Is she watching TV?
6. I am not swimming right now.
7. You are playing computer games.
8. Michael is running now.
9. They are sleeping now.
10. Are you reading my story?
11. My cousin is going to Paris now.
12. I am drawing an elephant right now.
13. Helen is playing with her brother.
14. Your mother is taking a walk.
15. He is listening to music in this moment.
16. I am watching cartoons right now.
17. Are you painting?
18. We are traveling to Bucharest now.
19. Is he wearing a blouse?
20. Are you crying now?
He is drawing her portrait!

I am listening to music!

The child is dancing hip hop!

He is eating yogurt!

My aunt is coming here!

My mom is cooking the dinner!

My father is drinking juice!

My sister is doing her homeworks!

Andrei is reading a book!

Doar la atatea m-am gandit! ia-te dupa model si compune altele!