Open the brackest using present simple past simple present perfect progressive a pastperfect progressive using the right tnse and voice
1) they just (to finish)to discuss the advantages of this project.
2) father(to weed) the corn field since early morning
3) victor said his family (to live) in the country for15 years.
4) when the foreign guests arrived in chisinau the new airport (to open) arleady.
5) when they arrived in chisinay it (to rain).
6) my friend wants to know if i (to visit) the usa.
7)when cornel came home his ,father and a helper (to furnish) the flat for 5 hours.
8) in 1999 our government (to prepare)a very serious project regarding the solving of the environmental problems.
9)radu said that the president (to elect)every four years



1.have finished
2.have been weeding
3.have been living
4.have been opened
7.have been furnishing