Ce ma ajuta cu o scrisoare va rog fumos , e cam greu si nu prea ma descurc .. deci : when you wrilte a letter asking for information , you need to make your letter formal and polite . One way of making your writting more formal is to use passive forms . Complete the sentence using the passive .. astea sunt prop pe care trebuie sa le transform la diateza pasiva : 1 could you send me more information , si prop incepe could I ..... some more information ? 2: will a qualifed instructor teach to lessons ? si prop incepe iar Could you tell me if the lessons ......... a qualifed instructor ? , 3: where are you going to hold the lessons ? si prop incepe : i would like to know where the lessons ............... , 4 :will you give students a certificate at the end of the course ? si prop incepe could you let me know if students........ a certificate at the end of the course? 5:Do you provided bikes ? si prop incepe iar I would like to ask if bikes .......6 : Do you run the lessons for free ? si iar I would like to know if the lessons ............ for free . 7:do you give on bike maintenance and repair ? ./ si iar I was wondering if advice on bike maintenance and repair ............ Unde sunt puncte puncte trebuie completat .. Va rog frumos ajutati-ma rog seriozitate



You can start by saying... "
My name is X, and I am writing this letter because I saw your advertisement posted on a well-known scholar site about these classes that instantly drew my attention. For that, I would like to ask if you could give me an input about who is running the classes, whether the instructors are qualified, and the place where the classes will be held...."
You may end with a polite closure, like: I am looking forward to seeing your reply, X
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