Prezent simplu sau prezent continuu?
1)They (run)_____ to chatch the bus.
2)Mother (do)_____ the cleaning.
3)You (not like)____ coffe.
4)I (watch)______ a movie at the moment.
5)My sister (not read)______ the newspaper,she (read)_____ magazine.
Ajutorrr!imi trebuie maine urgent!!!



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They are  running to chatch the bus . 
Mother are doing the cleaning. 
You don't like the coffe.
I am watching at the movie at the moment.
My sister don't read the newspaper, she read the magazine.
loool. mother are doing the cleaning? =)
buna engleza
my sister don't read?
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1.They are running to catch the bus.
2.Mother does the cleaning.
3.You do not like coffe.
4.I am watching a movie at the moment.
5.My sister does not read the newspaper, she reads the magazine.