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Noi avem aceeasi tema ... Lucrezi din High Flyer , asa-i ? Si noi am avut aceeasi tema doar ca despre Ploiesti .
   Bucharest has the largest transport network in Romania. It has trams, buses , trolleybuses and (metros sau subways , nu stiu cum se spune la metrou) .
   In the past ,there weren't many vehicles and people used to go to work by foot . Now there are a lot of them that you can use to go to work or school or anywhere you want. The ticket is cheap and the advantage is that if you use your car the fuel costs more than the ticket ... so if you go by bus you are making economy .
   In conclusion , the transport network from Bucharest is way diffrent than in the past and very useful .
Nu a fost prea reusita pentru ca de abia m-am intors de la scoala si am mintea "uzata" ... Nu prea am avut idei , imi pare rau ...

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