Find in Romanian the equivalent of:
a. to rain cats and dogs-
b. evil eye - (aici am gasit) a deochia
c. to have green fingers/hands/thumbs-
d cry(ing) over spilt milk-

After that, build contexts(senteces) to illustrate, in English, the meaning of the groups



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
A. a ploua cu galeata
b. deochi, blestem
c. a fi incepator, a fi boboc, a fi novice
d. mortul de la groapa nu se mai intoarce

a. It's such a miserable weather. The rain is pouring or one can say that it rains cat and dogs.
b. She wears a turquoise as a charm agains evil eye.
c. I have a green thumb when it comes of painting.
d. The vase is broken, so it's useless to cry over the spilt milk!
a ploua tare
blestem,incepator,mortu mort ramane,