uite un dialog simplu.in care te si prezinti putin-Hello,my name is ...(pui numele tau) .. I am..( scrii cati ani ai) . years old .

-Hello my name is Jack and I like computer games.

-Would you like to play a computer game with me now ?


-Ok ,over an our, now,i am writing Homework for English
.... e un dialog scurt in care vorbesti cu jack si el spune ca ii plac jocurile pe calculator si vreti sa jucati unul impreuna.

Continuare dupa "would you like to play a computer game with me now" [ca sa indeplinim cerintele de verbe la present, present continuous, past and past continuous] :

- Of course! I like very much computer games. I am writing a letter to a freelance asking to make a new game.
- Really? I talked on the phone to a freelance last week. While I was talking to him, my father came home and heard me... He laughed at me, but I didn't care...
- This is why I am writing this letter. I want to post it as soon as possible... Maybe you could help me with some ideas...
- Sure. Let's go to your place and let's finish the letter.