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Once upon a time it was a lion; a big, strong, beautiful lion.
He lived at the circus and his name was Maximus. He had his private room and even a courtyard to walk and to make gym exercises. Every evening Maximus had to perform for the children gathered on the chairs round the stage. He looked fierce, but he had a soft and hot heart. Every evening he did his best to see that glimps of happyness in the eyes of the children.
One day, a braved little boy came close to the guard fence holding a biscuit in his hand to offer it to the lion. Everyone's hearts stopped when they say the lion coming close to the fence... All the people were sure that the lion would grab the boy's hand. Maximus  came close, opened delicately his lips and took softly and gently the biscuit from the boy's hand, looking at the boy with with tenderness.
No one could believe their eyes... After a few seconds of deep silence all the people stood up and cheered both the brave child and the nice and tender Maximus.

A fost odata ca niciodata un leu; un leu mare, puternic si frumos.
Locuia la circ si numele lui era Maximus. Avea camera lui personala si chiar si o curte in care sa se plimbe si sa face exercitii de gimnastica. In fiecare seara Maximus trebuia sa joace pentru copiii adunati pe scaunele din jurul scenei. Parea fioros, dar avea o inima blanda si fierbinte. In fiecare seara dadea tot ce era mai bun in el ca sa vada sclipirea aceea de fericire in ochii copiilor.
Intr-o zi, un copil viteaz s-a apropiat de gardul de protectie cu un biscuit in mana ca sa-l dea leului... Toti oamenii erau siguri ca leul va apuca mana baiatului. Maximus s-a apropiat, deschise buzele delicat si apuca usor si gingas biscuitul din mana baiatului, uitandu-se la baiat cu tandrete.
Nimeni nu-si credea ochilor.. Dupa cateva secunde de tacere adanca toti oamenii s-au ridicat in picioare si au aclamat atat copilul curajos cat si pe simpaticul si tandrul Maximus.
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