Vreau si eu 5 propozitii la negativ si 5 la pozitiv.. Va rog frumos❤❤

They were singing along with her
Propozitii pozitive:
1.She is eating her breakfast now. ; 2. Paul visits his granparents every week. ; 3. I always do my homework in the evening. ; 4. My sister wakes up every morning at 6 o'clock. ; 5. My dog is drinking water at the moment.
Propozitii negative:
1. I am not doing my homework right now. ; 2. She doesn't go to her grandmother every day. ; 3. We don't like pizza. ; 4. I don't have any plans for this weekend. ; 5. My brother isn't watching TV at the moment.


She had a beautiful cat.
Mum went to the store.
You write a letter.
I write my homewark.
Ioana is home.

You do not eat.
I don't read the magazine.
He is not on the net.
She would not take picture.
He is not camming outside
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