My dear Teacher,
I am at the seaside with my parents. The weather is fine, the water is warm and it is a real pleasure being here. In the we am on the beach, sitting on the hot sand or bathing in the water. I enjoy a lot playing with other children or swimming.  At noon we go to have lunch and a nap and in the evenings we have long walks on the sands admiring the sunset. I seem the be boring, but it isn't. Sometimes doing nothing can be very relaxing.
Maybe you ask yourself why did I write to you. As you cannot come to the seaside this year because you have to take care of your little baby, I decided to send you some postcards and photos with the sea, and the beautiful sunset. When I am back to town I will visit you and bring you some shells and sand from here.
Wishing you all the best,
Your student
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