Hey,vreau si eu sa ma ajutati cu un dialog in limba englez inre doi copii care vor sa se cunoasca,si sa fie cu foemulele de adresare.Multumesc anticipat

-My name is Andrew. what is your name?
-my name is maria
-What a beautiful name maria. where do you live?
-I live in Brasov
-nice ... I live in Campina.
-I forgot to ask you how old you
-I have nine years. but you?
-I am 12 years old
-Andrei want to play?
-ok, let


-What is your name?
-Adelin.Your name is?
-Valentin.How old are you?
-15.Stay here in town?
-No,form the village,stay with grandparents.
-Ok,I am delighted to meet you.
-And me,i hope to see you!
-Yes,and me,goodbay my friend.