Ptiu, drace, am de facut o compunere la engleza cu titlul "I know what I did last this summer"..faza e ca eu sunt cam bata la engleza, desi..mi-s cam a 11-a. Cic-ar trebui sa aiba cel putin 150 baga vreunu' sa ma ajute, va rog?

ce fel de groaza sau orice intamplare
Orice...era vorba de ce am facut in vacanta de vara..


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Only i just had taken the holiday and i told my mom and dad i wanted to go in a camp with my friends.i was so excited to go with alex andrei and maria at my uncle's lake house but my parent weren't so sure to let me.Finally they accepted and let me but with a condition:to not make problems to my uncle.i said they don't have to worry because everything will be allright.after all i started to pack and went with my friends to the lake house.Everyone were so happy to spend a week at my uncle's house because he had a lot of interesting things in that house. It was all good until I got there...because I am a trouble maker and i broke a window as i got there from the night i had a party and i invited all my school friends and i made a little mess.the week passed very quickly as i didn't noticed and in the hole week i distroyed my uncle's house.I don't want to tell you what followed next!!!!it's a secret ,can you keep it?