You ate your ice-cream.
You didn't eat your ice-cream.
Did you eat your ice-cream?

He did his homework.
He didn't do his homework.
Did he do his homework?

She visited the park yesterday.
She didn't visit the park yesterday.
Did she visit the park yesterday?

You invited my friends home.
You didn't invite my friends home.
Did you invited your friends home?

They played on the computer
They didn't play on the computer.
Did they play on the computer?

I slept at my friend's house.
I didn't sleep at my friend's house.
Did I slept at my friends house?

You bought me a candy.
You didn't buy me a candy.
Did you buy me a candy?

Dad drove me to school
Dad didn't drive me to school
Did dad drive me to school?

I got a bad mark at school
I didn't get a bad mark at school.
Did I get a bad mark at school?

I saw my friend on the street.
I didn't see my friend on the street.
Did I see my friend on the street?
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