Va rog....pana la ora maxim 10 jum am nev !!
Underline the correct form of the verb.
1. Stacey goes / is going shopping for fruit and vegetables every Saturday morning.
2. He doesn't speak / isn't speaking five languages.
3. Bob drives / is driving the children to the match tonight.
4. Julie enjoys / is enjoying listening to classical music.
5. Do they play / Are they playing in the garden at the moment?
6. John and Mary hate / are hating adventure holidays.
7. They look / are looking for a house to rent.
8. The flight to London departs / is departing at 10:05 am.
9. Mrs Parker teaches / is teaching History at Lawton high school.
10. Melissa doesn't like / isn't liking mini-skirts.
11. Water boils / is boiling at 100° C.
12. What do you do / are you doing this Saturday night?



1Stacey goes shopping...
Nu-i nimic multumesc mult, mai am o intrebare la engleza si nimeni nu mi-a raspuns :(
Ti-as raspunde ... dar am sa incerc...trb sa mai fac ceva la dupa incerc...daca mai am timp... :l ca azi incep de la 11 din pacate :l
Aaa bine
La romana ma pricep si eu :))
Acum ti-am trimis si la cealalta intrebare :D